Countdown to the Shop

It is one week until the Bough and Dough Shop opens at the Hexagon House! If you’ve been following our Instagram, you might have gotten glimpses of the fun goodies as the artists have been setting up over the past few weeks. If you don’t have an Instagram, here’s a video preview just for you!

As a reminder to help keep everyone safe, we are limited to ten shoppers inside the building at a time, and hard limited to 25 people on the grounds. We strongly recommend setting up an appointment for a shopping block on Facebook if you have limited availability. We also encourage you to order online through our store and preorder perishable goods whenever possible to reduce congestion. Remember to enter promo code “Curbside” during checkout from our online store for free pickup at the Hexagon House during normal shop hours!

The Shop will be a little different this year, but we want everyone to be safe while you enjoy this holiday tradition. Please remember to be courteous and patient with our volunteers and staff as we find our new rhythm and adapt to any upcoming changes.

Bough and Dough Shop Is Two Weeks Away!

One of the items we have for sale online is this scarf by Brenda Fairweather. See the item description in our online store!

Time is flying as we move through November! In just two weeks, PHW will be opening our holiday pop-up boutique at the Hexagon House, 530 Amherst Street.

If you haven’t explored our Instagram yet, make sure you do! We are posting photos and short videos as the goods trickle into the physical store. Larger and more delicate items like furniture and fine art will be highlighted in our stories and videos.

We are also adding select items to our online storefront. Not all our artists or goods can be featured here, but easily-shipped items continue to be added as they come in.

If you see an item on our social media updates you are interested in purchasing for curbside pickup and it is not yet listed, drop us a message and we can arrange your item sale. Don’t forget you can also work out a preorder wishlist for greenery and sweet treats – we will be happy to send you a complete invoice so you can pay online with credit card!

We also strongly encourage you to set up a shopping appointment on Facebook if you have a limited day and time you are available to shop. We anticipate there may be lines to enter the store due to our lowered guest capacity. If you reserve a shopping time, you will be allowed to “skip the line” during your half hour shopping appointment.

Holiday House Tour Championship Winner

Thank you to everyone who voted in our final round and through our sixteen week bracket. The people have chosen the all time favorite Holiday House Tour: Potato Hill Promenade!

While we know the voting bracket is not a replacement for touring homes decorated for the holidays, we hope the Holiday House Tour Championship provided a wonderful trip down memory lane. Now you can revisit the descriptions of the homes and buildings at any point, as the descriptions we digitized and edited from our old tours will always have a home on PHW’s blog.

If you haven’t used the feature yet, you can visit the blog directly and use the search function to look up addresses or common house names to see what information we may have posted about the building in the past. You may also want to revisit PHW’s newsletter collection, which is so far digitized and available from the present day back to 2005. If you have a request for a building to be featured on the blog in the future, drop us a note. We are collecting ideas for posts in 2021 now!

Holiday House Tour Championship: Final Round!

Potato Hill Promenade once again swept the voting in last week’s semifinal. Thank you for your votes! Here is the final update to the voting bracket:

Now it’s down to the two powerhouses of this championship. Potato Hill Promenade faces stiff competition with the equally beloved Amble Along Amherst. Which tour will take the championship crown? We know you and the rest of the world is tired of voting, but your choice this week will decide the ultimate victor of the Holiday House Tour Championship. The choice rests with you! Refresh your memory of the tours at the links above, and then cast your vote when you are ready.

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Holiday House Tour Championship: Semifinals Round 2

Once again, Amble Along Amherst swept the votes in the first semifinal round. Here is our updated bracket:

The competition looks to be fierce in the finals – and now it’s up to you to choose whether Christmas in the Country or Potato Hill Promenade will spar for the championship crown! Both tours have a following, but you can only choose one to advance. Refresh your memory of the tours at the links, and then cast your vote for your favorite tour. But remember – the polls close on Wednesday!

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Holiday House Tour Championship: Semifinals Round 1 Voting

After a close fight, Christmas in the Country emerged on top to go head to head with Potato Hill Promenade in the semifinals. Here is our updated bracket:

We now begin the semifinal voting to chose the top two tours! This week, Amble Along Amherst faces down Tradition and Transformation. Which tour will emerge the victor? The choice is yours! Refresh your memory of the tours at the links, and then cast your vote when you have made your choice. Remember to make your selection by the end of the day on Wednesday, October 28!

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Bough and Dough Shop FAQs Updating

The Frequently Asked Questions section of the website is being updated for the new operating procedures at the Shop this year. If you’ve wondered about how the Shop will function, give the main Holiday House Tour page a look, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, visit the FAQ page. If there’s still a question you’d like addressed that you don’t see there, be sure to contact PHW through any of our social media channels so we can add it to the page.

We also had new items dropped off at the Hexagon House for the Shop this week. Stop by our online storefront to see what’s new, including small original artworks by Sky Blue Pink by Phyllis. More will be added soon!

Holiday House Tour Championship: Quarterfinal Round 4 Voting

It was a hotly contested quarterfinal round last week, but in the end Potato Hill Promenade won! The themed tour of early log homes surpassed last year’s 275th birthday celebration of Winchester’s architecture. Will any tour be able to best the unstoppable Potato Hill? Here is our updated bracket:

It’s time for the last quarterfinal match-up! Which tour will you choose to face down the mighty Potato Hill Promenade in the semifinals? Will it be 1982’s A Candlelight Christmas with its mix of South Loudoun Street homes and businesses, or 1988’s Christmas in the Country tour of Frederick County homes? You can refresh your memory of the tours at the links, and then cast your vote when you have decided. The choice is yours – but remember to vote before midnight on Wednesday!

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Friday Roundup: Bough and Dough Shop Artist Lineup

Things are coming together for 2020’s Bough and Dough Shop! All artist slots are filled this year. Thank you to the new and returning artists who are sharing their wonderful work with us. We are happy to announce our lineup:

  • Angel’s Roost Quilts
  • Baker Mountain Crafts
  • Basket Cases
  • Beading by Marilynn J.
  • Best in Glass Studio
  • Blackthorn Estates Nursery
  • Blooming Hill Lavender Farm and Gift Shop
  • Nina Burke
  • Lorraine Candell
  • Tom Cesnik
  • The Clowser Foundation
  • George S. Davis
  • Eugene B. Smith Gallery
  • Eye of the Needle Embroidery
  • Norma Fredrickson of Fibergig
  • Hailewatercolor
  • Heartsong Hill Designs
  • Hot Flash Pottery
  • J&W Farm
  • Karen’s Kollection
  • Susan Keenan
  • Klay Haus Pottery
  • Lighthouse Woodworking
  • The Merry Beader
  • Libba Pendleton
  • Ree’s Treats
  • Linda Quynn Ross
  • Donna L. Sheets
  • Shenandoah Acrylic Resin Art
  • Siler Country Store and Gifts
  • Sky Blue Pink by Phyllis
  • Stitchery Studio
  • TL Cards and Crafts
  • Jackie Tobin
  • Very Merry Mittens
  • Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

As you may have heard, we are preparing an online shop to complement the in-person shopping happening between November 27 and December 23. Some early drop off items have been listed in our store and are ready to purchase. If you are local and want to save yourself postage and time for shipping, remember to enter promo code “curbside” during checkout. PHW volunteers will contact you with more instructions when your order is ready for pickup.

For those who want to shop in person at the Hexagon House to see the items too unique, large, or fragile to ship, that option will be available. Shopping will be limited to ten guests inside the house at a time. Visitors will be asked to complete their shopping in half an hour. Because we anticipate more cleaning needs this year, the shop will close between 2:00 and 2:30 PM for a freshening up break Tuesdays through Saturdays. Remember to arrive before 4:30 PM to complete your shopping by closing time at 5 PM.

As the best-laid plans may still need to change, remember to watch our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Hexagon House after Thanksgiving!

Holiday House Tour Championship: Quarterfinal Round 3 Voting

The people have decided the next Holiday House Tour to move on to the semifinals! Tradition and Transformation moves on to face Amble Along Amherst. Thank you for your votes! Here is our updated bracket:

Now it’s up to you to choose which tour will progress to the second set of semifinals. Will it be 2014’s Potato Hill Promenade or 2019’s Through the Centuries? The decision looks to be a tough one between these two popular tours! You can refresh your memory of the tours at the links, and then cast your vote when you have decided. The choice is yours – but remember to vote before midnight on Wednesday!

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