Holiday House Tour 2023: 101 North Washington Street

The exterior of this ca. 1846 Federal-style home has evolved gracefully through the centuries. Many changes were made around the turn of the twentieth century and in the 1920s. The most recent changes, undertaken by the present owners, included removal of the 1920s pebbledash stucco, revealing remarkably well-preserved wood siding beneath.

The original entry on Washington Street faces a stairway with a gracefully curved banister at the upstairs landing. Painted details such as a carved ceiling medallion and stair brackets give texture and history to the older part of the house. The last renovation also added a library on the north side and reconfigured the kitchen area, smoothly blending the historic elements with contemporary features. The updated kitchen is enhanced by glass pendant lights over a shiny black granite countertop and a large open area with sunny windows on the south and west.

The library features a partner’s desk of tiered mahogany, said to be a replica of one owned by George Washington. A north window has been converted to a door, allowing access to a charming enclosed city garden featuring a herringbone brick and bluestone patio and a historic outbuilding with pebbledash finish.

PHW is grateful to Tom and Lucy Rockwood for opening their home to the tour.

PHW extends our gratitude to Dominion Real Estate Associates, a business card advertiser in our Holiday House Tour booklet. Sponsorships like this help us to put together the event and make it a success every year. Thank you!

Holiday House Tour Tickets are available for purchase now from our online store, and will also be available soon at Kimberly’s and the Winchester-Frederick County Visitors Center. Tickets will also be available at the Bough & Dough Shop, opening Nov. 17.