Special Events

Throughout the year, PHW sponsors, hosts, or participates in events designed to raise interest and awareness in Winchester's architectural heritage. Below is a sampling of some of the more common activities PHW hosts for the community:

PHW Events

Holiday House Tour

PHW's signature fundraising event is the Holiday House Tour, held the first full weekend in December. The tour generally spans five or six houses and an additional location as the Bough and Dough Shop, which sells handmade goods, baked items and freshly cut greenery. The Holiday House Tour has its own page with more information here.
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Annual Meeting

June is PHW's designated month for the Annual Membership Meeting. The meeting, which is open to current PHW members, is generally hosted in a restored building. PHW's President and Treasurer report on the activities of the past year and the goals for the next. Guest speakers are sometimes invited to speak on a pertinent preservation topic. The election of new board members and presentation of PHW's annual preservation awards wrap up the business portion of the meeting. PHW members are encouraged to mingle and socialize at a light reception afterward.
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National Preservation Month

May is National Preservation Month. As part of the nationwide celebration, PHW typically hosts some fun and educational activities such as scavenger hunts, building tours, lectures, or photo campaigns.
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"Lunch and Learn" Lecture Series

PHW sponsored lectures focus on preservation techniques for older houses or information about Winchester's Historic District. These events are generally free and open to the public. The lecture series has its own page with more information here.
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Memberfest/Membership Appreciation Night

Memberfest is usually held in October. It is free to current PHW members as a thank you for their ongoing support. Current members are invited to bring a friend to join the organization. The event is typically held in the evening at a private residence.
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Annual Revolving Fund Property Review

PHW maintains covenants or easements on approximately eighty buildings in Winchester. Most are located inside Winchester's Historic District; a listing may be found here. As part of PHW's obligation as covenant holder, each property is reviewed once a year. Typically, the survey includes one photograph and inspection from the street to document current conditions in late December to January.
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