Preview Party Tickets on Sale Now!

Although we ended up being behind schedule and could not get the mailed invitations to members out this week as planned, Preview Party tickets for the Holiday House Tour on December 7 are on sale now at the Hexagon House. Preview Party tickets are limited to 100 and are a special perk for current PHW members this year. If you know a member who does not get emails from PHW, be sure to inform them the next time you see them!

Please call ahead at 540-667-3577 or email to make sure someone is in the office at the Hexagon House prior to the Bough and Dough Shop opening (November 22).

Tickets are $50 for PHW members; nonmembers will be charged for an individual ($30) or family ($55) membership if you are interested in attending the Preview Party. ALL Party ticket sales are going through the PHW office this year to record memberships and party RSVPs. A mail order RSVP form will be mailed to current members as of October’s membership list.

Thank you for your interest, and we hope to have more to share about the tour and party houses next week.