Featured Bough & Dough Shop Artisan: Marilynn J. Boyd

Beaded Snowflakes

Marilynn lives in Middletown and has done various crafts before becoming addicted to beading. She has been at it for 6 – 7 years now.

She works with a large collection of beads in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes made of crystal, glass, resin, and wood.

She even has hand-made ceramic beads she bought as a young teenager which were simply strung into necklaces.

Now she stitches bracelets, earrings, and necklaces using beads of all kinds, some only 1/16″ in size.

Her snowflakes are created on metal forms with beads of various colors, shapes and cuts to catch the light when hung on a Christmas tree or in a window.

Beading requires creativity, an eye for color and texture combinations, plus a bit of dexterity and patience. There are so many beads and so many options; you just have to be open to the possibilities.

“Sometimes I even dream in beads!”