Featured Bough & Dough Shop Food Truck: Jack Knuckle Gourmet

Steve and Abi Callahan

Jack Knuckle Gourmet, Winchester’s first gourmet food truck, was opened in 2014 by dynamic husband and wife team Steve Callahan and Abigail Gomez. Steve has been a chef in the industry for over 20 years, and was thrilled to be involved in bringing the exciting food truck culture to the area!

JKG specializes in delicious gourmet sandwiches, but along with street-side vending, they also offer on-site and in-home catering, with exquisitely prepared menus and mouth-watering creations from the skilled hands of the chef.

Whether you stop by the truck in Old Town Winchester, or have JKG cater your event, you are guaranteed to try something new and love every last bite.

Visit Jack Knuckle Gourmet at www.jackknucklegourmet.com and on Facebook.

Jack Knuckle Gourmet will serve lunch at the Bough & Dough Shop between 12-3 PM Saturday, Dec. 3 and Sunday, Dec. 4.Jack Knuckle Gourmet menu for Dec. 3 & 4.