Trivia Answers for “Away, I’m Bound Away” Questions

It’s time to see how you did on the trivia questions posted Friday. These were some tough questions, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t know many — just follow the links, read up on some interesting Virginians, and then stump your friends with what you learned!

1. What Virginian became chief of the Crow Indians?
James Pierson Beckwourth
2. What Virginian became president of a foreign republic?
Samuel Houston
3. What Virginian became famous as “The Missouri Artist”?
George Caleb Bingham
4. What Virginian became the first African-American to serve a full term in the United States Senate?
Blanche Kelso Bruce
5. What Virginia writer helped promote the Westward Migration?
Jessie Benton Fremont
6. What Virginia slave mailed himself to freedom?
Henry Brown
7. What Virginian became the most famous fugitive slave in US history?
Anthony Burns
8. What Virginian “discovered” the Great Salt Lake?
James Bridger
9. What Virginian became an abolitionist governor of Illinois?
Edward Coles
10. What Virginian helped bring order to Central City, Colorado?
Clara Brown
11. What Virginian was instrumental in establishing the Pony Express?
Benjamin Franklin Ficklin
12. What Virginian became the founder of Texas?
Stephen Fuller Austin
13. Who was the first African American to serve in the State Senate?
George Teamoh
14. What Virginian served as President for a month?
William Henry Harrison
15. What Virginian explored Yellowstone River?
John Coulter
16. What Virginian was saved by a white bean?
William Alexander Anderson “Bigfoot” Wallace during the Black Bean Incident
17. What Virginian became a confidante to a famous First Lady?
Elizabeth Keckley
18. What Virginian made the first map of Tennessee?
Daniel Smith
19. What Virginian helped Kentucky achieve statehood?
John Brown
20. What Virginia slave’s lawsuit led to a famous Supreme Court case?
Dred Scott
21. What Virginian was probably the first African-American elected to public office in the United States?
John Mercer Langston, elected town clerk of Brownhelm in 1855
22. What Virginian established Centralia, Washington?
George Washington
23. What Virginian taught the first kindergarten in Detroit?
Fannie Moore Richards
24. What Virginian met with John Brown to encourage a slave uprising in the South?
George DeBaptiste, who met with John Brown and Frederick Douglass
25. What Virginian won the Northwest during the American Revolution?
George Rogers Clark
26. What Virginian killed himself three years after his famous expedition?
Meriwether Lewis (although some scholars believe he was murdered)
27. What Virginian explored the Louisiana Territory?
William Clark and the aforementioned Meriwether Lewis
28. What Virginian helped carry Methodism to western Virginia?
Elizabeth Henry Campbell Russell
29. What Virginian was called the “Iron Cutter” by the Sioux Indians?
Lawrence Taliaferro, whose last name is derived from “iron cutter” in Italian.
30. What Virginian revolutionized American agriculture?
Cyrus Hall McCormick
31. What Virginian helped found the Wilberforce Community in Canada?
Austin Steward
32. What Virginian was known as the “Great Compromiser”?
Henry Clay
33. What Virginian was given a flag made by Barbara Fritchie?
Jesse Lee Reno
34. What Virginian ended the bleeding in “Bleeding Kansas”?
James William Denver