The Samuel Noakes House, Part 6

The Samuel Noakes HouseJohn Chesson has graciously offered to share his story and images of his ongoing adaptive reuse project at the Samuel Noakes house, 101 West Cork Street/201 South Braddock Street with PHW. We will be releasing these stories through the PHW blog in the coming weeks, following the progress with virtual hardhat tours.

The previous entries may be found at the PHW blog at part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5.

Last time, some temporary framework had been installed to help raise the sagging joists. Now the final framework is going into the house. Rooms are once again taking shape in the vast envelope that had been revealed in the demolition phase. With a bit of imagination, you can begin to envision the final layout of the apartments.

Wood for the interior framing.Framing begins at the Braddock Street side

More material arrives and more framing starts to define the interior spaces

Details of the large replaced joist in the Braddock Street side

We have nearly caught up to the current progress at the Noakes house. The posting schedule will be readjusted to Tuesdays only, so the next installment will be posted on July 24. We’ll see you then!

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