The Samuel Noakes House, Part 5

The Samuel Noakes HouseJohn Chesson has graciously offered to share his story and images of his ongoing adaptive reuse project at the Samuel Noakes house, 101 West Cork Street/201 South Braddock Street with PHW. We will be releasing these stories through the PHW blog in the coming weeks, following the progress with virtual hardhat tours.

The previous entries may be found at the PHW blog at part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

As we saw last time, the house has been stripped to its most open state. Now some temporary framework is being installed in preparation for beefing up the sagging structural members in the house. Note the jacks in the framework, lifting up the sagging portion in increments.

As well as the framework, a number of salvaged items, bottles, and newspapers are on display, including a medicine bottle from Dr. W.J. Whitlock for kidney stones, a stamp pad patented in 1881, and Winchester Evening Star newspapers from 1901.

Medicine bottle from Dr. w. J. Whitlock and Nephew.Temporary framework

More salvage images

Items found in the house in one final area of demolition

The next installment will be posted on Tuesday, July 17 as the PHW office will be closed Friday for an out of office interview. Come back then for more pictures of the Noakes house.

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