Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: Working on Loose Ends

A follow-up to our question last week on the name for the Kent and Piccadilly streets area: a longtime resident of West Street says the area was known as “The East Side,” in reference to being on the east side of the railroad tracks. Did you call this area anything else, or have you seen reference to any other names for the area?

We have made a test layout of the House Tour program booklet this week; if you are considering a sponsorship, please note we have a half page sponsorship spot and possibly up to a full page sponsorship spot; we may need to add additional pages this year that could increase available ad spots as well. You can find the ad size and price sheet and the form to return to PHW. The deadline to turn in your ad for the program booklet is Friday, October 28. If you’re interested in supporting this event, please drop us a note a and we’ll get you the info you need.

Mark your calendars! Holiday House Tour 2022 is December 4, noon-4 PM!

Looking forward to November, we will be suspending our daily image caption project on social media to focus on the Holiday House Tour and Bough and Dough Shop. We captioned over 200 images in 2022 and helped unearth forgotten events and untold stories of locations, some of which even we had forgotten about at PHW. We’ll be back with more image exploration in January 2023!