Holiday House Tour Location: George Washington’s Office Museum

George Washington’s Office Museum
32 West Cork Street
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

Open Saturday, December 3, between 3-9 p.m.
George Washington's Office
George Washington used the middle room of this little house as a military office from September 1755 to December 1756 while Fort Loudoun was being constructed. It was subsequently owned and treasured by the Adam Kurtz family from 1778 to 1908. The City of Winchester acquired it at that time, recognizing its historical significance. Today, the building is a museum operated by the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society.

The current exhibit is entitled “George Washington and the West.” This display includes some of Washington’s personal effects, surveying equipment and a scale model of the town of Winchester circa 1755 which shows Fort Loudoun prominently located at the north end of the town.

The Historical Society has graciously opened their doors to Holiday House Tour visitors this year on Saturday, December 3, between 3-9 p.m. only.

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