Feedburner Subscriber Notice

Do you receive the PHW blog posts by email via Feedburner? Please note that this service is being transferred to MailChimp. Current subscribers have been added to MailChimp list and will likely receive two emails on January 9 (one from Feedburner, one from MailChimp).

If all goes well with the January 9 email, the Feedburner emails will be retired. Blog posts will be aggregated and sent once a week (instead of every day there’s a post) on Friday afternoons. If you think your email has been sent to an out of date address, you may wish to reenter your information manually into MailChimp as a first troubleshooting step. Don’t forget to check your junk folders, too!

Thank you to everyone who tried out our first email list, which was started in March 2011. It’s exciting to be moving to a new service with new functions in the new year. We hope you’ll continue to support the PHW blog with this new service.