Holiday House Tour Preview Party: 510-512 South Loudoun Street

510-512 South Loudoun Street510-512 South Loudoun Street
The Grim-Moore House
The Home of Joseph and Sharon Collette
Site of the Preview Party on Dec. 6, 6-9 p.m.

Catering by Becky Parrish, A Matter of Taste
With samples of holiday home-brewed beers provided by Jeff Rudy

Musician: Linda Beavers, Pianist

The Grim-Moore House consists of two separate buildings, now joined into one residence by a modern kitchen addition. The circa 1760 log house at 512 South Loudoun was built for the Grim family, while the larger brick structure at 510 was built circa 1796 for Henry and Kate Moore. Henry operated a granary on the property, while Kate was renowned for her dress shop and ladies’ merchandise. The home was purchased from PHW in 1977 by Bill and Virginia Miller, and they undertook the task to save these two structures.

During the initial renovations, traces of the shelves which once lined the living room indicated its use as Kate Moore’s shop. The dining room mantel of yellow pine features acorns, a motif seen on several other early Winchester mantels. Extensive corrective work was required to level the log house, which can still be seen in the slant of the mantel in the log house.