Happy Valentine’s Day

219valentineFun trivia: Did you know some of the PHW Revolving Fund properties were once likely given as a Valentine’s Day present from a husband to his wife? On February 14, 1951 Joseph Hodgson “in consideration of natural love and affection” granted his wife Irene Virginia Hodgson joint ownership of five properties, including 219 South Kent Street (pictured), for the rest of “their joint lives,” as well as granting the survivor absolute ownership in the event that one spouse predeceased the other. The other Hodgson properties include three more Revolving Fund properties, 211 South Kent, 124 East Clifford, and 125 East Clifford. Thanks to our former intern Mike St. Jacques for uncovering this piece of history for us!

New Face for an Old Place

Toll House
Do you remember when the Toll House on Amherst Street was blue? This image was taken in the late 1980s, shortly before PHW purchased the property through the Jennings Revolving Fund and placed restrictive covenants in the deed to ensure its continued preservation.

The building is getting a facelift with the removal of the stucco siding to reveal the wooden siding beneath. Similar projects have taken place on North Washington Street in recent years. We hope this stucco removal yields equally amazing results!

Revolving Fund Property Reviews

It’s that time of the year again — PHW will be taking the yearly photographic inventory of covenant and easement properties beginning December 28 in preparation for the yearly review. The process will likely last until January 8. Property owners do not need to do anything in preparation for this survey.

Completing Revolving Fund Review

The yearly photographic survey is nearly completed. Buildings along North and South Kent Street and North Loudoun Street will be photographed by the 15th. Owners of Revolving Fund properties should expect the yearly review letters near the end of January. Thank you for your patience!