The Samuel Noakes House, Part 7

The Samuel Noakes HouseJohn Chesson has graciously offered to share his story and images of his ongoing adaptive reuse project at the Samuel Noakes house, 101 West Cork Street/201 South Braddock Street with PHW. We will be releasing these stories through the PHW blog in the coming weeks, following the progress with virtual hardhat tours.

The previous entries may be found at the PHW blog at part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 and part 6.

Last time, the final framework began going into the house and defining rooms. That work continues during this update. As you can see, with the framing going in, the work is shifting focus from making the building structurally sound to making the building function in 2012. Wiring, plumbing, and lighting needs are being reconciled with stone walls. The house even yields a few more surprises during some additional demolition.

Reader and Swartz and Houseworks signs, looking down on the George Washington Office.More joist replacements and salvage from the Braddock Street side kitchen area

Framing in the Braddock St. side, upstairs and downstairs

Work in the Cork St. side, and planning for modern conveniences

Additional work leads to some minor change in plans, several surprises, as well as clever solutions for accommodating lighting, plumbing, and wiring in tricky locations

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