Hang Out at the Hexagon House

Tonight, Friday the 13th, is our second Harvest at the Hexagon House event, 4-6 PM. Stop by 530 Amherst St. to renew your membership and grab some swag, or pick up a copy or two of “More Doors of Historic Winchester.” Our theme this week is a relaxed hangout – we’ll be in our comfy PHW t-shirts and have some soothing background music going. (Men with hockey masks are politely requested to leave their machetes at home.)

We had a couple people inquire about payment methods. We are able to accept cash, checks, credit/debit cards, and also PayPal/Venmo. For those who remember last year’s Shop, we have a new card reader and tap and chip payments are back. If you’d like to come prepared with cash, the amount per Doors poster with tax is $15.80. Don’t worry, we can also make change – we got our Shop moneybox ready early this year!