Uncovering Your Hidden Gems

PHW Announces a Photo Contest to Celebrate National Preservation Month

Last year for National Preservation Month, Preservation of Historic Winchester (PHW) and the Old Town Development Board (OTDB) sponsored an architectural treasure hunt challenging you to find interesting architectural features in our historic district. This year, it’s your turn to wow us with your architectural finds and maybe win a little something, too!

Below are the core rules:

How to Play
1. Take a picture of an interesting architectural detail in your home or visible from a public right of way in Winchester or Frederick County. Anything is fair game — a mantel, staircase, lock set, a window, trim, or something else.
2. Give your photo a brief caption to describe what you found and where it is. No technical terminology required!
3. Fill out the contact information (name, address, telephone number, and optionally e-mail) and include it with your entry.
4. Send your complete entry (photo, caption, and contact information) to PHW at phwi@verizon.net or 530 Amherst St. Winchester, VA 22601.
5. The contest runs from May 1 to June 1, 2012.

How to Win
1. Every person who submits a photo with complete information will be entered into a random drawing for a chance at one of four prize bags from downtown Winchester businesses. (More prizes may be available.)
2. A panel of PHW judges will also pick a “PHW’s Choice” winner for an outstanding and eye-catching submission.
3. You may submit an unlimited number of entries, but your name will be entered just once for the random drawing.
4. Winners will be announced at the PHW Annual Meeting on June 10, 2012.

Legal information
1. This contest is open to the general public and all age categories. Minors, please have an adult help you with your submission!
2. PHW and OTDB employees, board members, and their immediate families are excluded from the prize drawings.
3. By submitting a complete entry to the contest, you consent to the use of your name and/or photograph in any educational materials, merchandise or publicity carried out or produced by PHW or OTDB without further notice or compensation. In turn, you still retain the rights to use and publish your photograph.

For any questions, please contact us at PHW, (540) 667-3577 or phwi@verizon.net. And remember: have fun!