PHW Pledges to Support the Godfrey Miller Home Repairs

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The Godfrey Miller Home and Fellowship Center dressed up for Holiday House Tour 1982. This iconic downtown facade needs your help…

PHW is thrilled to announce we have teamed up with the Godfrey Miller Home and Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church to help retain one of downtown’s iconic historical structures. Earlier this fall we visited the Godfrey Miller Home at 28 South Loudoun Street, at the heart of the Old Town Mall, for a site visit with the new executive director of the Fellowship Center, Jason Gottschalk.

The limestone building, constructed circa 1785, is in need of significant exterior maintenance for safety as well as aesthetic reasons. Repairs are needed primarily on the wooden exterior elements, including the roof rakes, lower roof panels, trim and moldings, 28 shutters, a rear dormer, the front porch, and the front door and transom. Some of the most significant work will be the repair and reglazing of 18 windows, as well as carefully removing lead paint to provide a clean working surface for the repair and repainting of the wooden elements.

The work will be performed by the Durable Restoration Company, which recently completed work on the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church spire on West Boscawen Street. It is expected to cost about $109,000, a significant amount for anyone, and especially so for a nonprofit organization.

Seeing the need, oncoming commencement of the work, and our past successful partnerships with the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Godfrey Miller Home and Fellowship Center, the PHW Board of Directors voted to pledge $10,000 in support of the project. We also pledged to reach out to our membership and readers to ask you to join us, as you did for the Old Lutheran Church Wall project, to help match our pledge.

Please download and read the Godfrey Miller House letter and pledge form, print the pledge form below, and return it with your donation of any amount to the Godfrey Miller Home & Fellowship Center, 28 South Loudoun St., Winchester, VA 22601, to join us in supporting the restoration of this local landmark building.

Join PHW and help support the exterior work at the Godfrey Miller Home with a donation to their Exterior Preservation Fund.

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