Courage Lauded in Saving the Taylor

This open letter from PHW’s President Franklin Wright appears in today’s issue of the Winchester Star.

What wonderful and overdue news about the Taylor Hotel!

Many despaired anything — other than demolition — would be done with the Taylor. The grim shell greeted residents and visitors alike as a rebuke to a city that prides itself on its attention to its architectural heritage. A convoluted ownership and entangling financing agreements led to seemingly endless delays — all while the building continued to deteriorate.

This was not a “vision thing.” Everyone could see what the Taylor once was, and could imagine what it might yet be. What was needed was courage — political courage to do what had to be done — to save the centerpiece of Old Town. The city has met that challenge. Our congratulations to the City Council, the city staff, and the Economic Development Authority and its director for achieving what seemed was the impossible task of saving the Taylor Hotel.

I predict this achievement will be one of those council members will look back on and mark it as one of their finest accomplishments. I know it will be so viewed by the present and future residents of Winchester.

We realize this is merely the first step on a long journey, and many challenges lie ahead. But Preservation of Historic Winchester commits to helping the city and the property owners realize the full potential of the Old Taylor.

FRANKLIN WRIGHT President Preservation of Historic Winchester

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