Document Digitization Project: July 29 and 30

The Civil War 150 Legacy Project is coming to Winchester on July 29-30 at the Winchester-Frederick County Visitor Center. The project is an effort to scan Civil War-era (or related) documents and photographs from private collections.

Citizens are encouraged to bring original family materials to be scanned and included in the Project. This is a unique opportunity to share original family Civil War documents and photographs with a wider audience – without giving up ownership or any rights to those original materials.

Please note:

  • Materials must be originals.
  • Materials must be from private collections.
  • Only flat materials can be scanned; no three-dimensional objects can be included.
  • This is not an appraisal opportunity. (Library of Virginia personnel will not be able to give any kind of valuation to the materials.)
  • Participants in the project should call ahead to make a scanning appointment. Appointments will be scheduled between 10 am and 4pm on both July 29 and 30. To schedule an appointment, participants should call the Winchester-Frederick County Visitor Center at 540-542-1326.

    The length of the appointments will vary depending upon the material to be scanned:

  • Diary: 30-45 minutes per diary
  • Letter – 5 pages or less: 10 minutes
  • Letter – 6-15 pages: 20 minutes
  • Photograph: 5 minutes per item
  • While the digitizing and display of the materials that have been scanned at previous events is an ongoing process, you can see a sample of what’s been scanned at the “Virginia Memory: CW Legacy Project” section of the Library of Virginia website at