City Infrastructure Hearing

The City Council, sitting as a “Committee of the Whole” for Public Services, will meet on April 7 at 5:30 p.m. in Council Chambers to determine one of three options for the sidewalk replacement program for Braddock, Loudoun, Cameron and Piccadilly Streets. The options are: (1) Mostly concrete pavement with a brick strip, as seen on Boscawen and Cork Streets; (2) All (new) brick, at an additional cost to the city of $190,000; or (3) Permitting property owners to choose to repair/replace (under city supervision and inspection) the old brick sidewalks adjacent to their property.

PHW urges you and your neighbors to attend the City Council meeting on April 7th. Be prepared to speak or to present petitions of those who share your sentiments retain and repair original brick sidewalks.