Color a House with PHW This Weekend at Kidzfest!

As we’ve been teasing, PHW will be one of the interactive exhibitors at this year’s Kidzfest, held from 11 AM-5 PM this Saturday, May 14! This event will be our big hurrah for National Preservation Month, which celebrates our nation’s architectural treasures. We’d like to share our love of old buildings with a fun introduction to building styles and colors.

Where: PHW’s booth will be near the city’s Hable parking lot and the splashpad, about 41 S. Loudoun Street. Click for a PDF map of all the booth locations.

What Activities Will Be Offered? Color a building from a selection of over 20 historic structures in more than a dozen architectural styles. Not sure what style is right for you? We have a “personality quiz” that might help you find your dream home. Then cut out, fold, and use a few pieces of tape to create a house that will stand up! You may take your house with you, or leave it at the PHW table to create a colorful street of historic houses for others to see.

We will also have free architectural walking tours of the Old Town Mall and a special edition of PHW’s newsletter which will cover the architectural styles and historic color suggestions on all of the example styles represented, spanning about 1750-1950.

Who Can Participate? Anyone! Coloring is fun for all ages. Some houses are more intricate than others, but PHW volunteers will be on hand if you need help.

We’ll see you there!

Color a House with PHW