PHW Archived Files Index

The following are the index lists by box to PHW files in storage. Most files contain working notes on programs, sample publicity pieces, newspaper articles, etc. The index to the files came about in large part due to the background research and file organizing necessary to produce the history of PHW blog posts in celebration of its 50th anniversary in 2014-2015. As you may be able to tell from the lists, there were still many activities we did not cover in-depth on the blog. Files may be available to researchers on request.

PHW Programs, Fundraisers, and Events Files

Walking Tour Records 2001-2002
History Camp Heroes & Heroines 2001
Glen Burnie Museum 1998-2000
Town Run Project 2000
History Camp March to Millennium 2000
History Camp Footsteps Washington 1999
Old Time Apple Growers 1998
Feast on History 1998
Keeping Up Appearances 1998
Spring Conference 1998
Unveiling Union Jack 1998
Civil War Trails Marker 1997-1998
Plans, Paint, & Perseverance Workshop 1997
Spring Conference 1997
Celebrate Virginia 1997
Museum Assessment Program 1997
Summer Camp 1997
KCC Work Plans 1996-1997
Rypkema Program 1995
History Camp Civil War 1995
KCC Civil War Interpretation Center 1993
Preservation Week 1993
Tent Sale 1991-1992
Preservation Week 1991
Chumley Painting Fundraiser 1991
Evening of Intrigue Fundraiser 1991
PHW Programs 1991
Barn Dance 1990
PHW Programs 1990
By George Fundraiser 1990
Arise Fundraiser 1990
Historic Weekend 1990
Preservation Week 1990
Constitution & Rights of Property 1990
KCC Garden Party 1989
Millwood Art Sale 1989
Historic Richmond Program 1989
Preservation Week 1989
Pirates of Penzance Fundraiser 1989
Preservation Workshops 1989
PHW Hosts Bluemont 1989
Street Festival 1989
Beach Party 1988
Heritage Education Workshop 1988
A Future for VA’s Past 1988
Staunton Bus Trip 1988
PHW Programs 1988
PHW Programs 1987
PHW Programs 1986
PHW Programs 1985
PHW Programs 1984
Charleston Tour 1984
Preservation Week 1983-1984
William Seale Program 1983
Philadelphia Tour 1983
Blandy Retreat 1983
Fredericksburg Tour 1983
Fall Program 1982
Spring Tour 1982
Fall Tour 1982
Bus Tour 1981
Walking Tour Booklet 1976-1981
PHW Tours 1981
PHW Programs 1981
PHW Programs 1980
Charlottesville Tour 1980
York Tour 1979
Fall Workshop 1979
PHW Programs 1979
Save the Linden Tree 1978
PHW Programs 1978
PHW Programs 1977
Royal Oaks Conference 1976-1977
PHW Programs 1976
PHW Programs 1975
PHW Programs 1974
Grand Event 1973

PHW Oktoberfest, “Limestone, Sycamores and Architecture” Book, Christmas in the County, Blues House Files

Blues House 1999
Blues House 2000
Blues House 2001
Christmas 1890 Handbook
Christmas in the County 1988
Christmas in the County 1989
Christmas in the County 1990
Christmas in the County 1991
Christmas in the County Brochures 1988-1995
LSA Book Orders
LSA Book Correspondence
LSA Book Publicity
LSA Book Invoices
LSA Book Manuscript Edited by Kinzer
LSA Book Copyright & Reprint Permissions
LSA Book Manuscript
LSA Book Contracts
LSA Book Original Manuscript
LSA Book Contact Sheets
LSA Book Bound and Finished
Memberfest 1991
Memberfest 1992
Memberfest 1993
Memberfest 1994
Memberfest 1995-1998
Memberfest 1999
Memberfest 2000
Memberfest 2001
Member Appreciation Night 2003-2005
Member Appreciation Night 2005
Memberfest 2007
Memberfest 2012
Memberfest 2013
Oktoberfest Songbooks (2)
Oktoberfest 1979
Oktoberfest 1980
Oktoberfest 1981
Oktoberfest 1982
Oktoberfest 1983
Oktoberfest 1984
Autumnfest 1985
Autumnfest 1986
Autumnfest 1987
Autumnfest 1988
Oktoberfest 2001
Novemberfest 2002

PHW/KCC Events and Exhibits, OTWC, Lease Agreement Files

Kurtz Press Releases
Kurtz Alerts
Valley Pioneer Artists 1986
Kurtz/City Contract 1988-1991
Kurtz Oral History Project 1988
Kurtz Campaign Kick-Off 1988
Kurtz Charrette 1988
Kurtz Evaluation and Preservation Plans 1988
Kurtz Fundraising Packets
Key to the Kurtz 1990
Deed Ceremony 1990
Kurtz Sidewalk Bricks 1990-1992
KCC/SAC Lease 1991
Dick Bowers Bridge Club Lease 1991
Hard Hat Tours 1991
Handley Library Music Program 1992
PHW/KCC Agreement 1992
Cabinetmakers Exhibit 1993
Architecture of the Old Dominion Exhibit 1993
Bud Robertson Book Signing 1993
West of the Blue Ridge 1993
Etched Glass Plates 1994
James Wood & Founding of Winchester 1994
Away, I’m Bound Away 1994
D-Day Exhibit 1994
Woodworkers Exhibit 1994
Isaac J. Sanger Exhibit 1994
Big Al Carter 1994
Children’s Heritage Festival 1994
Valley Collectors 1995
Before Freedom Came 1995
Communities at War 1995
Art in Bloom 1995-1996
Woodworker Exhibit 1995-1996
Pictures of the World 1996
Wiley Radford Wine Exhibit 1997
Portrait Exhibit 1997
Woodworkers Exhibit 1997
Patsy Cline Exhibit 1998
Like Grass Before the Scythe 1998-1999
Realism X4 1999
Lee Teeter 1999
George Washington & the VA Frontier 1999
Short Term Exhibits Forms
Long Term Exhibits Forms
Celebrate the Kurtz a Toast & Tribute 2001
3rd Floor Lease Reader & Swartz 1999-2000
Chamber of Commerce Negotiations 2001
OTWC 1993-1995
OTWC Monthly Reports
Chamber/OTWC Negotiations 1996-1998

Kurtz Building Files, Fundraising, Correspondence

KCC Financing Reports
KCC Line of Credit
KCC Fundraising Materials
KCC Fundraising Strategy
KCC Architect Proposals
KCC Feasibility Report
KCC Testimonials
PHW Correspondence with City 1988-1992
NTHP Grant 1987
PSF Final Report 1987-1988
KCC Correspondence 1988
KCC Pledge Records 1988
VDHL Grant Application 1988
VDHL Grant Management 1988-1990
VDHL Grant Agreements 1989
VDHL Easement Agreements 1989
Breakfast with Baldridge 1989
KCC Correspondence 1989
KCC Contributions 1989-1990
KCC Gifts in Kind
KCC Pledge Payment Request 1990
KCC Thank You 1991
KCC Faulkner Proposal 1991
KCC Correspondence 1992
KCC Thank You 1993
NPLF Application 1991
Ohrstrom Grant Request 1991
Wilkins Pledge
Durell Foundation
Ronald McDonald Children Charities
Hable’s A/V Donation
Potomac Edison
Shenandoah Gas
Eugene Holt
Sovran Bank
Kentland Foundation
Glass-Glen Burnie Foundation
Julian Glass
Jefferson National Bank
VFH Planning Grant
Neighborhood Assistance Act Grant
VMFA Matching Grant for Molden Gallery
Facility Reports
KCC Site Plan
KCC Floor Plan
Fire Protection
Asbestos Report
Roof Repair 1989
Paint Schemes 1989
Handicap Accessibility 1992
Termite Treatment
Storefront Window Insurance Claim

Kurtz Building Construction Specs, Revolving Fund Projects

KCC Rehab Studies
KCC Geotechnical Report
KCC KDA Pre-Phase I Drawings
KCC Phase I
KCC Phase I Final Spec
KCC Phase I Bidding Process
KCC Phase I Mechanical and Electrical Contracts
KCC Phase I Construction Contract Ricketts
KCC Phase I Construction Reports
KCC Phase I and II KDA Contract and Correspondence
KCC Phase II Negotiations
KCC Phase II
KCC Invoice and Correspondence
KCC Correspondence Out
KCC Phase II Final Spec
KCC Third Floor Renovation
S. Kent St. Meeting Notes
S. Kent St. Financial Reports
S. Kent St. VHDA Applications
401-403 S. Kent Kipps Purchase
401-403 S. Kent Mortgage Documents
401-403 S. Kent Phase I Exterior
401-403 S. Kent Phase II Interior
401-403 S. Kent Applications
401-403 S. Kent Expenses
401-403 S. Kent Rental Management
Huntsberry Building Contractors and Correspondence
Huntsberry Building VA and NTHP Correspondence
Huntsberry NPS Appeal
601-603 S. Cameron VHDA Application
800 Amherst Bills
800 Amherst Tenant Issues
810 Amherst Bills
Hodgson Estate Purchase Files (211 S. Kent, 219 S. Kent, 124 E. Clifford, 125 E. Clifford)
Revolving Fund Rent Payments, 1980s
Revolving Fund Consulting Grant, Arthur Ziegler
NTHP Revolving Fund Loan
PAV Revolving Fund Program
Revolving Fund Renaissance
Revolving Fund Projects (2000s)

PHW Office Files

PHW Annual Reports
PHW By-law Changes 1986
PHW Director’s Handbooks
PHW List of Directors and Committees
PHW Board Retreat 2002
Organizational Assessment 2005
PHW Board Retreat 2007
PHW Finance Materials 1970s
PHW Treasurer Reports 1970s
PHW Materials 1970s
PHW Pledges and Memberships
PHW Finance Material 1980s
PHW Finance Materials 2000s
PHW Pledges and Memberships
PHW Old Member Lists 1960s-1970s
PHW Correspondence 1960s-1970s
PHW Members 1985-1987
PHW Correspondence 1973-1982
PHW Correspondence 1983-1984
PHW Correspondence 2003-2006
PHW Correspondence 2007-2008
PHW CIGNA Worker Comp
PHW JV Arthur Insurance 2000s
PHW Fundraising Packet 1999
PHW Fundraising Expenses
PHW Requests for Technical Assistance