Information on Winchester Historic Plaque #22

Fred Boyd House PHW received a call this morning requesting information on the house with historic plaque #22. I have been unable to return the call to the number provided in the message, but hope that the seeker may find this post. The home is in Garland Quarles’ book “The Story of One Hundred Old Homes in Winchester, Virginia.” The book is available at the Handley Library or at PHW’s office at 530 Amherst Street. Copies may also be available for purchase at Winchester Book Gallery and the Stewart Bell Jr. Archives at Handley Library.

The home is referred to as the Fred Boyd home. According the Quarles’ research it was built in 1827 by George Fulk or Folk. It was subsequently owned by Elizabeth D. Smith (1853-1861), John Vilwig (1862-1898), James P. Whitacre (1898-1910), and then to Frederick S. Boyd in 1910. The historic plaque appears to have been placed in 1972 by Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Pannill Jones.

If you were the person seeking this information, please feel free to give us an email at phwi@verizon or try to give us a call back at 540-667-3577. Thank you for your interest, and I hope we can connect!

Update: Mystery is solved and we have connected! The PHW landline phone is a bit spotty today, probably from the damp conditions.