Activities and Events of the 1970s

We are drawing near the end of the 1970s in our weekly recaps of PHW’s history. Before making the jump to a new decade with new challenges, let’s take a moment to note some of the smaller events than those previously previously discussed. Chronologically, those events included:


PHW Program1974

  • Clement E. Conger, Dept. of State, and Curator of the White House, “The White House and Its Collections”
  • Mrs. Frances Edmonds, Director of Historic Charleston, “Defining Historic Districts”
  • Bus Tour of Fredericksburg, presented by Ron Shibley, Historic Fredericksburg Foundation
  • Walking tour “A Snoop Through History: Buildings Preserved for Adaptive Use Today as Law Offices”


  • Arthur Ziegler, Director of Pittsburgh Landmarks and History Foundations, conducted several days of seminars on administrative planning for Jennings Revolving Fund
  • Thomas Slade, Dept. of Properties, National Trust, discussed building surveys as a tool for preservation
  • Bus Tour of Alexandria, presented by Jean Keith, Historic Alexandria Foundation
  • Annual Meeting, display of 17th and 18th century oil paintings at Glen Burnie

PHW Program1976


PHW Program1978