Winchester: Limestone, Sycamores and Architecture

Limestone, Sycamores and Architecture PHW dipped its toe in publishing with a coffee table style book showcasing Winchester’s architecture with professional photographs by James R. Morrison and text by architectural historian Walter Kidney. (1)(2) Riding the crest of the survey work and educational efforts, “Limestone, Sycamores and Architecture” was in some ways the culmination of all the various documentation and educational efforts up to that point, condensed into a visually appealing black and white photographic essay.

Limestone, Sycamores and Architecture Instead of focusing on the stories of individual buildings like Quarles’ books on historic properties, “Limestone, Sycamores and Architecture” attempted to provide an overview of the growth and changes of the town as a whole in five epochs – 1732-1770, 1770-1820, 1820-1865, 1865-1890, and 1890-present – using select images to illustrate the historic architecture of each era.

The book, with its timeless images captured in black and white, was dedicated to Lucille Lozier, president of PHW during the final fight for the Conrad House. Preorders were taken in 1976 to determine the print run, and in December of 1977, the first books were in-hand.(3) Three thousand books were printed. The first copy was presented to Mrs. Lozier at her home in a small commemorative ceremony. Seeing the book in-hand after three years of preparation was a “long-cherished dream [that] became reality.” (4)