Holiday House Tour Daylight Ticket Policy

Due to the extraordinary weather circumstances for this year’s tour, a refund policy for the Sunday Daylight tour is in place. You may return your physical tickets to PHW’s office at 530 Amherst St., Winchester, VA, 22601. Please indicate whether you would prefer to make a tax-deductible donation to PHW for the price of your admission tickets, or if you would prefer a refund.

Unfortunately, we are unable to reschedule the tour. We thank all our volunteers and homeowners who worked so valiantly to prepare for inclement weather today. However, the safety issues this year were too great to proceed on Sunday.

Please note the PHW office opening hour may be delayed on Monday, December 9 due to the weather and potential slipperiness of the PHW parking lot and driveway. Please stay safe, and do not attempt to drive up the hill if it appears icy!