Student Papers on the Kurtz Building Added to PHW’s Digital Library

Student papers on the Kurtz Building have been digitized to preserve the texts for future researchers. The papers were written in the spring of 1988 for a class with Prof. Warren Hofstra. The papers are predominantly oral history interviews and cover the following topics:

  • “An Overlook of the Construction of the Kurtz Building” (Interview with William Wine)
  • “Cartwright Funeral Home” (Interview with Bruce Cartwright)
  • “Interview with J. Thomas Boyd”
  • “Kurtz Building and Valley Agriculture” (Interview with Ben Ritter)
  • “Lucy Fitzhugh Kurtz” (Interview with Lorina Mae Faegans)
  • “Snapp Interview”
  • “Kurtz Building: Still of Use and Value to the Winchester Community” (Interview with Eleanor White)
  • “The Kurtz Building as a Museum” (Interview with Karen Clay)
  • “The Kurtz Building in Connection with the Business of the Community” (Interview with Ralph Snapp)
  • “The Kurtz’s Building” (Brief sketch of the building’s history)
  • “The Man Behind the Building” (Biographical sketch of Capt. George W. Kurtz)
  • “The Preservation of the Kurtz Building” (Interviews with Pat Zontine and Sonya Tolley)
  • “The Uses of the Kurtz Building During and After the Civil War”
  • “Walls Can’t Talk” (Interview with George Ritter)

Please contact the office if you would like to review this collection in your research – but please keep in mind these are uncorrected student papers. Researcher discretion and additional verification is recommended for these sources.