Friday Photos: Student Survey of Winchester, Early 1980s

This week in Friday Photos, PHW brings you a look back at the beginnings of the revitalization efforts downtown. These images were pulled from a slideshow labelled “Three Part Student Survey of Winchester.” The goal of the study appeared to have been suggestions for improving the downtown and making it a more attractive place to shop and visit. The images appear to date, for the most part, to the very early days of the walking mall.

This is a timely reminder of how much our downtown has improved upon showcasing the intrinsic historic charm of Old Town Winchester. If you have never seen images of the downtown from these very early days of the pedestrian mall, it can be hard to visualize just how much the space has evolved through the City’s infrastructure improvements and building owners’ efforts to restore their historic buildings. Please take some time to click through the photos this weekend for a dose of nostalgia, and let PHW know if you recognize any of the locations in the uncaptioned slides.

Three Part Student Survey of Winchester, Early 1980s

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