The Samuel Noakes House, Part 24

The Samuel Noakes HouseAlthough no house is ever truly complete, the Samuel Noakes House at 101 West Cork Street/201 South Braddock Street has reached the finish line. This last update completes the work in the barbershop area and some tweaks to the Cork Street side.

As you may recall during the March open house, the barbershop area was still fairly rough and unfinished. Since our last visit, the floors have been painted, walls and lighting installed, and the bathroom given a complete overhaul. The shelves in the bathroom are fashioned from more of the salvaged oak shelving found in the Cork St. basement. The walls are wired for internet and for televisions in the corners of the room. Display lights have been installed in the windows and around the room. The exposed beams on the ceiling were oiled and the fire separation between the commercial and residential spaces approved.

Also, one door was tweaked upstairs in the Cork Street apartment. A barn style door on a track was installed at the top of the Cork Street stairway. This solved the problem with the two closet doors hitting each other. The horizontal members in the barn door are fashioned from more the old pine from the original stairwell. The boards were lightly planed and sanded, leaving traces of the old paint and saw marks. The frame was welded together out of angle iron. The door handle was originally attached to one of the giant beams in the barbershop and happily it could be repurposed in the house.

Guapo admires the new barn style door in the Cork Street apartment.The completed barbershop

Barn door at Cork Street

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