Friday Photos: Willow Brook

This week we step back to 1984 and visit “Willow Brook” near Kernstown at 3105 Shawnee Drive. Willow Brook, also known as the Hamilton-Triplett-Copp House, was once a 300 acre working farm consisting of a dairy, icehouse, large barn and a brick smokehouse. Although the house is solidly vernacular from the exterior and the homeowners were not prominent in local history, the house still displays remarkable architectural details. The most prominent piece, an elaborate mantelpiece featuring a large handcarved eagle that was originally in the living room of Willow Brook, was purchased by E.I. DuPont in the 1930s and became part of the Winterthur Museum collection. By 1984 the farm was whittled down to the main house and a root cellar on 1.3 acres. Shortly after these photographs were taken, the house was sold and converted to an apartment complex.

From Willow Brook, November 1984