Holiday House Tour FAQs

About the Tour

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Is the event rescheduled for inclement weather?

The tour will not be rescheduled for inclement weather. Please call (540) 667-3577 or watch our website and Facebook for any inclement weather announcements.

Where do I start the tour?

It does not matter which site or walking tour you visit first for the tour. Each site stop is a self-contained unit. There will be guides conducting walking tours linking the sites this year and sharing history and architecture along the way. If you wish, you may drive and park between sites instead of walking with a tour group.

Is it necessary to join a walking tour, or can we just walk from place to place on our own?

You can go on your own! The walking tours are an extra bonus this year and are not required. We know many of our guests may not be able to walk and the sidewalks on Fairmont are still an unknown as to how walkable they will be (the sidewalks are slated to be completed by the weekend of the tour, if the weather cooperates).

Can I visit only one house on the tour?

Yes. Admission to a single house is $5. Pay at the door of the house you wish to visit.

How should I dress for the tour?

Dress for the weather in comfortable, low-heeled shoes for your time outside walking or waiting in line. Certain homes may ask you to remove high-heeled shoes.

Is photography allowed inside the homes?

No, photography is not allowed inside private residences.

About the Bough and Dough Shop

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Is the shop rescheduled for inclement weather?

In general, we close or delay opening the Hexagon House when Winchester City Schools are delayed or cancelled. We will make every effort to open the Shop every day through its run, however. Please call (540) 667-3577 or watch our website and Facebook for any inclement weather announcements.

How much is admission to the Bough and Dough Shop?

Admission to the Shop is always free!

How do I become a vendor?

Please look over our vendor information sheet and application form here. Applying is free!

When do I know if I am selected as a vendor?

We jury forms as we receive them - it should take no more than a month to hear back from us. We will select our featured artisans no later than October 31 so you can be featured in our program booklet, but we always try to have the majority set before this date to maximise proofreading chances.

Do you keep a wait list for vendors?

Absolutely! If you didn't make the October 31 cutoff, go ahead and apply anyway. You never know what might happen in a month. We may give you a call in November or early December to jump into an empty space.

About Ticket Sales

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Is there a group rate for the Holiday House Tour?

Sorry, there is no group discount rate.

Can I receive a refund on unused advance tickets?

PHW will not issue refunds for unused advance tickets. Remember, your tickets in 2018 are valid for either day! If you can't make all the sites and tours Saturday, come back and finish up on Sunday.

Does the tour sell out of tickets?

No. We may run out of official printed tickets by Sunday at some locations, but we always welcome more visitors!

Other Questions

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Is any parking reserved for Holiday House Tour patrons?

PHW tries to note all parking areas available for patron parking during the tour in the map to all the tour stops. Parking is often limited, so carpooling and utilizing nearby autoparks is recommended. Visitors may also be able to utilize Win Tran bus routes (operates Monday-Saturday).

Do you have a question not listed here? Please let us know at (540) 667-3577 or