Holiday House Tour and Bough and Dough Shop Feedback


We are almost back to normal at PHW after the Holiday House Tour and Bough and Dough Shop. Along with the end of the event come feedback surveys. If you only visited the Shop, please take the survey specific to the Shop and artisan vendors. If you partook in the Holiday House Tour and Shop this year, please take the slightly longer Holiday House Tour feedback survey.

We will review your feedback from both surveys in our wrap up meeting and initial planning for the House Tour in January 2019. Thank you for your honest feedback!

Last Weekend for the Bough & Dough Shop

Happy Friday! It has been a busy week for us at PHW wrapping up the Holiday House Tour, working behind the scenes on the website (this will be our first new blog post since updating to the latest version of WordPress, which has been a learning experience all its own), and winding down the Bough and Dough Shop.

If you haven’t made it to the Hexagon House yet to see the shop, you are missing out! Be sure to drop in Friday or Saturday between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., or Sunday between noon to 5 p.m. After that, the over twenty fabulous artists and their goods will be gone until next year!

If you already made it to the Shop, we would love your feedback on the different format and hours this year. If you didn’t get a paper survey at checkout, you can find the online version at Survey Monkey. It is a quick four questions specific to the Shop (not the Holiday House Tour). Feedback from this survey will be used for our internal planning for the Shop as well as in finding, selecting, and directing artisans for the types of items they should bring in 2019.

Thank you all, and we hope to see you one more time this weekend at the Hexagon House for the Bough and Dough Shop. Keep this survey in mind when you visit!

Holiday House Tour Final Notes

We are coming down to the last day before Holiday House Tour. We have just a couple items to share:

Single site admission to 411 N. Loudoun, the Fort, will be $10 as it is a larger site than usual. Other sites will be $5 as usual for a single admission. Full tickets will be $25 each at the door on Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to bring cash or checks if you want to pay at the door; we will not be able to take credit or debit cards at the sites. We recommend stopping at Kimberly’s, 135 N. Braddock St., if you need to use a credit card at the last minute for tickets.

Remember you can visit Patsy Cline’s House at 608 S. Kent as a bonus Holiday House Tour location for free. This is a special event taking place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Find more at their Facebook page.

Representatives plan to be on site both Saturday and Sunday at the well at 419 N. Loudoun instead of Saturday only as earlier reported. This is an exterior visit only and may be impacted by weather.

Walking tour groups plan to leave on the hour. The last guides will set out at 4 p.m. You do not need to join a walking tour group to take the house tours. If the weather is rainy Saturday, guides will not be leading walking tours. Update at noon: Saturday walking tours are cancelled for the expected inclement weather.

Parking will be available at 203 N. Washington St., Centre Meeting House. Look for directional signage.

The weather looks to be rainy on Saturday, but sunny and warm on Sunday. Be sure to dress for the weather and keep an eye on the forecast.

Look for carolers from Winchester Little Theatre on Sunday afternoon walking the neighborhood and spreading good cheer.

Tickets are still available at the advance sale locations and on the website. If you order online, be sure to bring your receipt from Paypal as your ticket.

Enjoy your Holiday House Tour weekend! Don’t forget to stop in the Bough and Dough Shop at the Hexagon House, 530 Amherst St. The greenery has arrived, and a limited amount of wreaths are currently available.

Bough and Dough Shop Artist: Shenandoah Acrylic Resin Art

Dana Thomas of Shenandoah Acrylic Resin Art is a new artist at the Bough and Dough Shop for 2018. His work features bold and shimmery acrylic paint combined with resin to form abstract wall canvases, votive holders, wall clocks made on old LP records, and coasters and trivets both in clear resin and on tile. The photographs do not do his work justice; it is best seen in person in good light to reveal all the subtle touches. You can visit the artist’s website

The Bough and Dough Shop is located at the Hexagon House, 530 Amherst St. in Winchester. The Shop is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday noon – 5 p.m.

Holiday House Tour in the Newspaper

If you have access to the Winchester Star online, you can read two articles on the House Tour. The first is PHW’s Holiday House Tour is this weekend.

For this article, please note representatives are planning to be on hand both Saturday and Sunday at the site of the well of Fort Loudoun, 419 N. Loudoun St. This stop is outdoors so may be weather dependent.

The walking tours may also have a guide in the area of the former Conoco gas station at 501 N. Loudoun St. if you would prefer to walk downhill to the Loudoun sites. The Fairmont sidewalks are expected to be walkable by the weekend, but if not we may need to do last minute rearranging.

Carolers from Winchester Little Theatre will be walking the streets in period attire on Sunday. This activity is also weather dependent, but Sunday’s weather forecast looks like this should not be an issue. Look for them starting around 2 p.m.

You can also get a sneak peek at The Fort in the second article, Historic apartment building included on Holiday House Tour before you get to see it yourself this weekend.

And one last minute update from the Shop, Donna Sheets dropped off some candy cane sleighs full of chocolate. You can pick one up from the Hexagon House this week during Shop hours 10-5 Tuesday to Saturday and noon-5 on Sunday.

Bough and Dough Shop Artist: Nina Burke

Nina Burke is a multi-media artist who has been at the Bough and Dough Shop in the past for her polymer clay work. This year, Nina has brought a bevy of painted gourds with embellishments for your home decor needs. Browse her Santas, snowmen, angels, reindeer, and barnyard animals. You are sure to find one that delights you. The Bough and Dough Shop is located at the Hexagon House, 530 Amherst St. in Winchester. The Shop is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday noon – 5 p.m.

Bough and Dough Shop Artists: Libba Pendleton

Libba Pendleton is one of our new artists for the shop this year, but her felted work is timeless. Her work, including both sculptural pieces and wearable art, is displayed in the windows in the parlor, and her ornaments are also in the tree in the dining room. The seasonal table is also located in the parlor and holds the pumpkin brigade and the small handcrafted beer journals. Be sure to stop in Friday or Saturday if her pumpkins catch your eye – they will be heading out soon to be swapped with winter themed items.

ShenArts Open House on Nov. 28

We know many people are super curious about the upstairs at the Hexagon House. Our upstairs neighbors, Shenandoah Arts Council, will host an open house upstairs on Nov. 28, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. concurrent with the downstairs shop hours. Take this chance to meet and greet our new neighbors and learn about their programs! You can find more information at their website.

Bough and Dough Shop Artist: Fibergig

Norma Fredrickson is one of our new artists for 2018. Fibergig and Studio Three 17 offers a variety of transformed fiber products, including silk scarves and bow ties, pet collar bandanas, small fabric pouches and goodie bags, tree skirts, ornaments, and matted art. Many of you may know her from her work for stoles, chasubles, and hanging banners for local congregations. Fibergig’s main table is set up in the parlor of the Hexagon House, with some of her tree skirts on display with the Christmas trees set up through the house. Her ornaments are displayed on the Christmas tree in the dining room. Stop by to see her work, and that of many other artists, at the Bough and Dough Shop, open Tuesday-Saturday at the Hexagon House, 530 Amherst St., 10 a.m – 5 p.m. We will be closed for Thanksgiving!

Holiday House Tour: Dining and Libations in Old Town

You might have a full day of tours on December 1 and 2. If you need some ideas for lunch or dinner before or after touring the homes, check out these businesses, courtesy Old Town Winchester. Many are located within easy walking distance of the tour sites and ticket sale locations. Be sure to call ahead or visit for more information on each establishment below – and even more that did not make the printed booklets.

147 North: 147 N. Loudoun St. (540) 313-4084
50/50 Taphouse: 29 W. Cork St. (540)773-4986
Alesation Brewing Co.: 23 N. Loudoun St. (540) 667-2743
Aroma Deli and Coffee Bar: 201 East Boscawen St. (540) 545-4627
Awabi Sushi Bar: 111 S. Loudoun St. (540) 686-7432
The Black Rose Coffee & Tea Lounge: 11 South Loudoun St. (540) 542-6160
Brewbaker’s Restaurant: 168 N. Loudoun St. (540) 535-0111
Chopstick Café: 207 N. Kent St. (540)450-8691
Cork Street Tavern: 8 W. Cork St. (540)667-3777
The German Table: 158 N. Loudoun St. (540) 425-4999
El Centro: 1 N. Loudoun St. (540) 313-4583
Espresso Bar and Café: 165 N. Loudoun St. (540) 686-7209
Fresco Kitchen: 6 S. Loudoun St. (540)664-5541
George’s Food and Spirits: 103 E. Piccadilly St. (540) 678-4700
The Half Note Lounge: 103 E. Piccadilly St. (540) 678-4700
The Hideaway Café: 141 S. Loudoun St. (540) 450-0799
Italian Touch Pizza: 229 S. Loudoun St. (540) 667-0008
La Nicoise Café: 12 S. Braddock St. (540) 722-4557
Lloyd’s Tropical Island Coffee and Café: 39 W. Piccadilly St. (540) 905-8022
Milano’s Ristorante & Bar: 107 W. Boscawen St. (540) 665-9437
Moe’s Donut Shop: 28 E. Piccadilly St. (540) 300-8655
Piccadilly Grill: 46 E. Piccadilly St. (540) 667-4021
Red Fox Creamery: 146 N. Loudoun St. (540) 545-8630
Roma’s Old Town Wood-fired Pizza: 21 N. Loudoun St. (540) 667-2743
Snow White Grill: 159 N. Loudoun St. (540) 722-7141
Steamy’s Café: 38 E. Piccadilly St. (540)664-9415
Thai Winchester: 24 S. Loudoun St. (540) 678-0055
Union Jack Pub & Restaurant: 101 N. Loudoun St. (540) 722-2055
Water Street Kitchen: 2 S. Loudoun St. (540) 313-4680
Village Square and V2: 103 N. Loudoun St. (540) 667-8961
Violino Ristorante Italiano: 181 N. Loudoun St. (540) 667-8006
Winchester Brew Works: 320 N. Cameron St. (540) 692-9242

Christmas Feast

Holiday House Tour tickets are on sale now at these following locations in Winchester:
The Final Yard, 33 E. Gerrard St.
Kimberly’s, 135 N. Braddock St.
Winchester Book Gallery, 7 N. Loudoun St. (new location from last year!)
Winchester-Frederick County Visitors Center, 1400 S. Pleasant Valley Rd.
Bough & Dough Shop at the Hexagon House, 530 Amherst St.
Online order (adult tickets only) or the PHW website (adult and child ticket options)

The Paypal “continue shopping” glitch mentioned previously appears to have been resolved. Make sure to save your receipt from PayPal until you get your tickets in hand! You can always contact us at 540-667-3577 or if you have difficulty checking out.