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1 Willow Shade (1858) Rt. 50 West (F)
Home of novelist Willa Cather from 1874 - 1883
Sandy Pumphrey ( for sale in Nov. 2014) 540-931-3169 
2 Ambler Hill (1786) 222 Amherst St. (W)
Built by John Norton
Robin and Tom Scully (the Sweeneys are in a newer house next door) 540-662-5376 
3 Hopewell Friends Meeting House (1759) Clear Brook (F) Becky Ebert  
4 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station (c.1890) Corner Piccadilly St & Kent St (W) Now owned by CSX, Inc. with space leased to Winchester & Western RR
Becky Snyder| CSX Real Property, Inc.
Property Management Specialist | Bldg 1 J180 | 6737 Southpoint Dr S | Jacksonville, FL 32216
PH 904-279-3885
FAX 904-245-3049
5 Glen Burnie (1794) Amherst St (W)
Built by Robert Wood, son of James Wood, founder of Winchester
Julie Armel  (Museum of Shenandoah Valley)  540-662-1473
6 Stonewall Jackson's Headquarters (1854) N. Braddock St (W), Fuller-Moore House Cissy Shull
Winchester - Frederick County Historical Society
7 Old Stone Presbyterian Church (1788) Piccadilly St (W) Try Joe Kalbach at First Presbyterian 667-0583
8 Frederick County Court House (1840) S. Loudon St (W) Mary Carroll 
Civil War Museum on Loudon St Mall
9a Old Lutheran Church Ruins Within Mt. Hebron Cemetery
on E. Boscawen St. (W)
Pat Ashby
United Daughters of the Confederacy
9b Memorial to Confederate Unknown  Within Mt. Hebron Cemetery
on E. Boscawen St. (W)
Pat Ashby
United Daughters of the Confederacy
9 Mt. Hebron Gate House and Cemetery (1902) E. Boscawen St. (W) Don and Linda Shade 540-662-4868
10 Hexagon House (1873) Amherst St (W) Julie Armel (Museum of Shenandoah Valley)
Preservation of Historic Winchester
540-662-1473 540-667-3577
11 Sheridan's Headquarters (1854) N. Braddock St (W), Lloyd-Logan House Kimberly's  store (Kimberly Sowers, owner)
Building where Kimberly's store is
12 The Handley Library (1912) N. Braddock St & Piccadilly St (W) Jennifer Sutter, Youth Services & stitcher

Barbara Dickinson, The Friends
540-662-9041   ext 21

540-662-9041   ext 31
13 Rouss City Hall (1900) N. Cameron St (W) Tim Youmans
Winchester City Planner
(Sandra gave Tim Youmans a heads up he was the contact person for Rouss City Hall, too)
540-667-1815 (work)
14 Godfrey Miller House (1787) S. Loudon St (W) Sheila (?)  Sharon (?)   540-667-5869
15 Daniel Morgan House (1786) Amherst St (W)
Built by George F. Norton
George & Jeanne Schember 540-667-2559
16 Christ Episcopal Church (1828) Corner of Boscawen & Washington Sts (W)
Tomb of Lord Fairfax beside the church
Try The Rev. Webster S. Gibson, Rector
17 George Washington's Office (Center Portion c. 1748) Cork St (W) Cissy Shull
Winchester - Frederick County Historical Society
18 Christian Streit House (c. 1757) S. Cameron St (W)
Second oldest standing house in Winchester
Peter Bullough (is renovating now?) 540-665-5162
19 Henry St. George Tucker Law Office and School (Built prior to 1824) S. Cameron St (W) For sale? Was part of Isabella Hickman Trust  
20 Springdale Mill, a.k.a.
Bartonsville Mill
Valley Pike (F)    
21 Handley High School (1923) Valley Pike (W) Winchester Public Schools (540) 667-4253
22 Red Lion Tavern (North Portion 1783, South Portion 1792) Corner of Loudon & Cork Sts (W)
Built by Peter Lauck
White House Country Store (David Gum, owner?) (540) 504-7989 (store)
23 Thorn Hill Manor (1787) S. Washington St (W) George and Kim Craft  
24 Simon Lauck House (1790) S. Loudon St (W) Edgehill Rehab Center
It is next to the Evans Home.
25 Ft. Stephens in Marlboro (F)    
26 Springdale (1753) Valley Pike (F)
Six Barton brothers depicted on front lawn
Funkhouser Oil  
27 Abram's Delight (1754) S. Pleasant Valley Rd (W)
Oldest house in Winchester
Cissy Shull
Winchester - Frederick County Historical Society
27a Log Cabin Relocated from W. Cork St to Abram's Delight property to depict early settlement (W) Cissy Shull
Winchester - Frederick County Historical Society
28 Locust Hill, a.k.a..
Steele House (c. 1790 - 1820)
Main St, Stephens City (F) Butch Fravel
Flower center (?)
29 Vaucluse (c. 1780) Vaucluse Rd off Valley Pike (F)
Built by Strother Jones, son of Gabriel Jones
Vaucluse Inn
Now a very cool Bed & Breakfast
30 Wayside Inn (1797) Middletown (F) For sale  
31 St. Thomas Episcopal Church (?) Middletown (F)    
32 Belle Grove Plantation (1794) Valley Pike (F)
Site of Battle of Cedar Creek
Kristen Laise 
33 Hillman's Toll Gate (?) Previously stood at NW corner of Valley Pike & Cedar Creek Grade (W) No longer exists  
34 Foreground Staunton to Winchester stage coach on Old Valley Pike    
  Sheep Frank Jones
Carey's Brook Farm 
is Carey's Brook Farm still in existence?  
    Preservation of Historic Winchester Inc Sandra Bosley
Executive Director