Bough & Dough Shop Call for Supplies

We are so excited about the new artists joining our line up for the Bough & Dough Shop this year! During our open house meet and greet on Saturday, we heard that in addition to our normal gently used paper and plastic bags, PHW is also in need of donations of bubble wrap for packaging some art – our usual craft paper wrapping is not going to cut it. If you have some bits and pieces from shipping boxes or leftover ends of bubble wrap rolls, PHW is now gratefully accepting your donations at our office, 530 Amherst Street in Winchester. If we are not in when you stop by, feel free to tuck your donated bags and bubble wrap between the doors of the back porch. Thank you!

(We still have room for more artists – we are especially hoping for an interesting fiber/textile artist and are open to other media. You can download a PDF of the info and application here, or apply online with a Google account.)