Holiday House Tour Wrap Up Notes

Thank you all very much for your support of the 2017 tour! Early reports are that we likely had over 400 visitors again this year. While we work on getting the feedback survey for 2017 finalized for Friday’s post, we wanted to update two things very quickly:

1. We discovered our old email address was still showing on PayPal receipts, and this may cause problems if you find an error in your checkout information. We found one more place the old email information was hidden in PayPal and flipped the setting. If you need to contact us for a PayPal payment double charge/dispute, the correct email address is

2. As we were getting to the bottom of the donated paper bags on Sunday (thank you to everyone who chipped in!) we found a pair of prescription glasses in a black leather case in the bottom of the bags. If you are missing your glasses and think they might have been picked up in the donated bags, please let us know at or 540-667-3577. We will hold onto the glasses for a reasonable amount of time before donating them.