Holiday House Tour Leftovers

As is usual after Holiday House Tour, a few lost items have been turned in to the PHW Office and have not yet been claimed. If you are missing a hat or a car alarm key fob, we may have them! Let us know at 540-667-3577 or and we can reunite you.

We were remiss in not thanking some of the volunteers who stepped up over the fall and collected shopping bags and newspapers for PHW to use at the Bough and Dough Shop. As best we can determine, we used the equivalent of a 39 gallon trash bag’s worth of donated plastic grocery bags, and probably close to that amount of paper bags and newspaper bits to pack items. The unused newspapers were recycled, and the leftover bags have been saved for next year. Thank you so much for your donations – we will do it again next fall!

Also, if you have not done so already, we are still seeking your anonymous feedback from the 2016 Holiday House Tour to be discussed at our January 9 meeting. Take the survey now! All feedback, good and bad, is helpful for us to see where we can improve the Tour and Shop.